Patellofemoral Chondropathy

Patellofemoral Chondropathy

A large number of patients have so-called Patellofemoral syndrome caused by altered biomechanical disorder of the knee…


The pain usually begins after overload of the articulation, for example due to sports with leaps or weights or after a walk in mountain of the persons who do not do sporting activity (because while descending the articulation is overloaded) or for the persons who are too much time sat (evoking the clinical sign of the cinema).


To understand the nature of the problem, you need to understand the mechanical cause of it.

Pain is associated with inflammation of the cartilage of both the kneecap and the femoral eaves (chondropathy). Such inflammation is associated with poor knee scrolling. In particular, the kneecap shifts inwardly and rises upwards, thereby flowing more along the outer border of the knee, increasing friction with the hip.

Such lateralization also called “external hyperpression” or “bad knee alignement” mainly may be due to:

  • muscular factors as hyper extensibility or muscular retractions of muscular groups that carry the kneecap up and outside such as the pyramidal muscles, gluteus maximus muscle, fascia lata and the rectum and the vastus lateralis of the quadriceps. On the contrary it is important to have a good tropism of the vastus medialis of the quadriceps and it is fundamental to work on the stretching the bands and the hyper extensibility groups of musculs, also because very often this syndrome strikes athletes which for sure don’t have hypotrophy of the quadriceps, but muscular hyper extensibility due to scarce stretching exercises;
  • joint dysfunctions that change the biomechanics of the patellar femur as the dysfunction of internal rotation or the posteriority of the tibia or as the posteriority of the iliac bone (a bone of the basin).

The Bonori Method improves the biomechanics of the articulations with the osteopathic techniques, the manual therapy and the special techniques invented by Doctor Bonori for the knee and the hip and as far as muscle extensibility is concerned. The therapies are made by means of innovative treatment that use the technology of the radial shock wave of low intensity.

We also complete the treatment by always associating therapies such as high power laser, tecar and l’interx which have excellent efficacy on inflammation, pain and cartilage biostimulation.

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