The physiotherapeutic treatment developed by Dr. Matteo Bonori is considered innovative and effective for many subjects. The Bonori srl method can currently have numerous partners and cooperation throughout Italy, both in terms of health and sport.

Sixtus Italia

The Bonori ltd method has entered into professional agreements with Sixtus Italia ltd to disclose the Bonori method in a health and Sport environment.

Lega Basket Serie A

Bonori ltd Method and Lega Basket Serie A have established an important collaboration for the cistern season 2019/2020. Through official rallies organized by the LBA, such as Supercoppa, Next Gen Cup and Final Eight of the Italian Cup, the Bonori Method will support the athletes of the participating club teams, using their own professional support to improve the athletic performance of the athletes themselves.


For the 2019/2020 season, IBSA Next Gen Cup, IBSA Italy and Bonori ltd Method entered into a partnership to provide all athletes participating in a sports rally with screening for the post-match assessment.

The Bonori ltd method, on behalf of IBSA Italy, provides the athlete with a functional assessment with the help of his own physiotherapists, which is implemented during the study through a series of tests, physiological factors that determine physical and athletic performance, and therefore athletic readiness.

Oriora Pistoia Basket 2000

The Bonori method takes pride in a recent agreement with the Oriora Pistoia Basket 2000 to support and assist young athletes in the field and in training using the procedures provided for in the protocol to improve athletic performance.


Bonori method is glad to have established a partnership with the Pistoia swimmers, champions both nationally and internationally.

Among these talented international athletes there are:

  • Giulia Gabrielleschi, Italian swimmer, winner of a bronze medal at the 2017 swimming world championships and a silver medal at the 2019 swimming world championships in the 5 km team event;
  • Niccolò Bonacchi, Italian swimmer, who holds the Italian 50 backstroke record. He participated in the European short tub 2012 and 2013.

At national level instead:

  • Federico Marchi
  • Riccardo Tani

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