METODO BONORI why is effective?

why is effective?

“It is a treatment that goes acting on the energy system, stimulating meridians and points of acupuncture of the Chinese traditional medicine, and on the connective tissue (myofascial) of a human body…

Why is the connective tissue so important in bringing numerous benefits to the human health?

Connective tissue is a support tissue located between cells, through which communication takes place between the same cells and the external environment. It is the substrate of all biological systems. The products of “discarding” due to bad alimentation precipitate at the connective level “polluting it“, besides numerous pro-inflammatory cytokines produced by excessive psychophysical stresses make it more fibrotic thereby reducing its communication and immune function. It is here that inflammation develops, and it is here that many diseases arise.

Optimal state of health is considerably based on the anatomical and functional integrity of this connective matrix, the Bonori Method provides stimulation of profound “cleaning” and remodeling of this precious tissue, thus obtaining significant and systemic benefits.

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